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Development Update for Kensington and Randwick

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Kensington and Randwick are suburbs located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, roughly 6km south-east of the CBD and governed by the City of Randwick. With this area experiencing some exciting recent updates, there’s no better time to shed some spotlight on how these suburbs are looking to change over the coming months.


The NSW government has been working hard to make Sydney’s transport system more exciting and user friendly. A great idea currently in action is the development of new cycleway tracks, which aim to reduce conflict and the likelihood of accidents between pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles. Current lanes are being connected with new cycleways which will allow cyclists to travel north-south through the CBD via a continuous route. It’s recommended when using the tracks on Anzac Parade, Kensington, to remain curb side as at times the light rail tracks intersect with the lane. But don’t worry, detour signage highlighting alternative routes has also been installed in the area.

Light Rail Tracks

The new light rail construction has captured the attention of most Sydneysiders and its highly anticipated completion draws closer each month. Anzac Parade in Kensington was the first location to have its track finalised, but Sydney Light Rail confirm construction has been completed on all tracks operating within Kensington and Randwick. Currently, testing for these tracks is well underway with the service expected to be open to the public sometime in December.

Public Transport  

The bus network is facing a major overhaul, especially between the CBD and the south-eastern suburbs. In the upcoming months commuters will be given more details regarding how this will disrupt their usual transport schedules. The full effect will not be felt until November, allowing a month’s grace before the light rail’s expected completion. Express buses will be enlisted during peak hours but commuters should expect a shake up when trams start running every four minutes between Circular Quay and Randwick late this year. By March further changes to the bus lines will occur to the lines heading through Kingsford.

Prince of Wales Hospital Acute Services Building

The new Acute Services building proposal has been officially finalised. This will be the first step taken to transform health services in Randwick. This new building will be part of the redevelopment of the existing Randwick Hospitals’ Campus. Its masterplan notes the project will enable further education, training and research services regarding current emergency departments, inpatient wards, operating theatres and the Intensive Care Unit. This development is still in its early stages with the plan having just received approval, and the completion date has been estimated to be in 2022.

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