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What To Look For In A Good Real Estate Agent

By January 14, 2019 No Comments

Sydney’s real estate industry has plenty of agents to choose from when you’re selling a home.

But naturally, there’s a lot of variety in the style and approach of different agents. So what should you be looking for to find the right professional for your needs?

Some vendors are tempted to choose a real estate agent based on the highest quoted sale price or the lowest commission rate, but there are many other important considerations to keep in mind. Here are the qualities to look for in an agent in 2019.

Good communication

Your home is probably your most valuable financial asset, as well as being a place where many happy memories are created. And it’s a big decision to sell up and move on. So it can be frustrating to work with agents who don’t keep you up-to-date on the process or communicate with you in a respectful way. Find an agent who responds promptly, tells you everything you need to know and is always friendly and professional. Your initial conversations are a good indication of how an agent will be with communication (with both you and prospective buyers), but also check out online reviews to get past clients’ perspectives.


Okay, so our industry doesn’t have the best reputation for honesty at times, but don’t let a few bad stories put you off finding an agent that does have integrity, as there are many agents who work very hard with plenty of integrity. Sometimes being honest includes an agent telling you things you don’t want to hear, but a great agent knows that telling you bad news is just as important as telling you good news. A truthful agent will also have realistic views on the market and the true value of your home. They’ll also be upfront with you about what to expect along the way.


This is a big one. There are so many agents in the industry now and a lot of up-and-coming young guns too, but there’s truly no substitute for experience. An experienced agent comes with a depth of knowledge about the market and a contact book to match. Look for an agent who knows your local area inside out, as well as someone who has been working long enough to see the various changes that have happened in the industry. We’re in a changing market right now, so someone who has experience outside Sydney’s recent record boom time is invaluable. Look for a cohesive team approach. Younger professionals are often backed by senior agents, so you get the experience of a full team.

Marketing know-how

Marketing and advertising is so important in selling properties these days. There are so many places for people to hear about your property, so your agent should know the exact right ones for your target audience. The campaign should be targeted and different for every property, and can include platforms like social media, online advertising, real estate listing websites, signboards, direct mail, email newsletters, print ads and more. When you’re looking for an agent, you should ask questions about how they’d market your property, and request case studies of previous successful campaigns they’ve run.

Negotiation skills

In the changing market like the one Sydney is experiencing right now as we enter 2019, negotiation skills are more important than ever. So choosing an agent who know how to negotiate is vital. Again, check reviews, and visit open homes to see your chosen agent in action with prospective buyers.


Real estate is about much more than just property, so a great agent knows that you’re not just buying or selling a piece of land – it’s also your home. They understand that the process can be nerve-wracking or challenging, so they’ll be supportive throughout. Plus, when it comes down to the deal, their great people skills and the rapport they’ve built with you and the buyers mean they’re also great at handling those all-important negotiations.

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