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Stand Out in the Spring Selling Market

By September 2, 2019 No Comments

The spring selling market has a reputation for being the most active period for the property market. But with so many properties making their market debut during this season how can you stand out from the crowd?

First impressions matter

A welcoming entrance is a must! The small things add up which is why you should make sure to have an eye catching exterior. Sweep your front walkway, clean your gutters and make sure all winter debris has been taken care of. Don’t forget to give your windows a wash, and the frames an extra coat of paint if needed. If you have ample garden space, make the most of it! Tidy up your flower beds, removing any weeds and planting some bright blooms to add a pop of colour. However, the trick here is to not go overboard. A few flowers can really add to a home’s appeal, but too many may make the property appear too high maintenance.

Keep it clean

Unfortunately, it’s time to stop putting off the spring cleaning. Make sure every speck of dust, dirt and grime is gone. A spotless house will sparkle in the springtime, making it an automatic crowd pleaser. Light fixtures, appliances and windows should be cleaned. If doors or windows squeak, ensure they have been oiled before inspection time. Any clutter should also be taken care of. Remember, potential buyers want to see your property at its very best state!

Successful Styling

Styling can go a long way in differentiating a home. Store your winter throws and woollen blankets and bring out the bright linens. Favouring light, airy décor will help set a springtime mood. Speaking of airy, make sure your property has a pleasant fresh scent. Odours built up during winter can go undetected when you live there, but prospective buyers will instantly notice as soon as they step inside. Candles, diffusers or even a fresh bouquet of flowers are great ways to combat this. Now that your house is styled to perfection, invest in some professional photography. These photos will make your house look its best. This can sometimes play a large part in getting a place noticed.

Be open for business

Not everyone is a fan of open inspections, but if you want to attract a variety of potential buyers, they are a must. Buyers during the spring often have the luxury of not needing to be patient, this is due to the fact they don’t need to wait to see your property when they could view more readily available options. As a result, by making your place available more regularly, the better chances you have for landing a sale. Weekends are a popular period, and the best part is it has positives for both parties! Not only are prospective buyers more readily available, but it can also be the ideal time to showcase your space in the sunlight. This is particularly effective for homes with large gardens or pools. If you can, consider offering a few evening options for your agent as well. This generosity is sure to go along way for those who find their weekends busy with other obligations.

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