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Spotlight on Maroubra: Why Real Estate Investors Should Put It On Their List

By April 3, 2017 No Comments
Spotlight on Maroubra

Even though Maroubra is home to one of Sydney’s top surf beaches, it’s traditionally seen as a backup choice in real estate terms.

Property hunters are much more interested in securing their place further up the coast in Coogee, Clovelly or even Bondi. And that’s how they’re missing out. The fact is Maroubra is still an undervalued market ripe for capital growth. Don’t believe me?

Here are the reasons I’m certain this suburb is a solid choice for investors:

1. Growing interest from overseas buyers

Along with Kensington and Randwick, Maroubra is increasingly popular with overseas investors – many of whom are interested in the suburb for its proximity to UNSW.

In the past these buyers were more focused on private treaty sales, but they now have an appetite for bidding at auction as well, which will only add heat to house prices in the area.

2. Transport links to the city could strengthen

Even though it’s very much its own community, Maroubra is also well connected to the Sydney CBD. Driving takes just over 20 minutes and there are regular bus services that link up with trains at Bondi Junction.

But city planners know these aren’t perfect solutions. That’s why we could see a new factor that transforms the suburb’s transport options in the future: an extension of the South East Light Rail project that would provide a much faster link between Maroubra and the city centre.

3. Council’s focus on community facilities

Randwick City Council has been steadily investing in some of the key community facilities across Maroubra. We’re now seeing upgrades to both Heffron and Coral Sea Park along with improvements to facilities at the beach itself. There’s also plenty of activity in terms of road upgrades across the suburb, along with improvements to footpaths to ensure walkability.

4. A protected part of the coast

As one of Australia’s National Surfing Reserves, Maroubra Beach holds special significance that even Bondi can’t rival. Its protected status means the environment around the beach itself won’t be transformed without lengthy negotiations. In other words, the characteristics that the locals love will definitely be part of what Maroubra offers for many decades to come.

So, what should you look for in a Maroubra property?

At this stage we’re not seeing huge differences between house and unit price trends. If you’re looking to invest in Maroubra and your budget will stretch to a freestanding house, this will absolutely pay off. That said, don’t rule out purchasing a unit, townhouse or semi-detached home. We’re seeing increasing numbers of younger renters who are more focused on the convenience of an apartment than the freedom of having their own backyard.

In either case, it will only be a matter of time before people are asking: ‘How on earth did you manage to buy in Maroubra?’

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